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Our vision is for strong and resilient students where all have
adequate access to the support structures required to succeed.

Awaken the genie within YOU

The name Aladdin was derived as Emertxe's online student solution gives personalized, real-time student performance information. By looking into the performance data you can take appropriate actions and land in your dream placements.

Real-time Assessments

Get 360 view of all your assessment parameters at one place - Attendance, Assignments, Projects, Weekly test and Module test.


Obtain complete information about placement company profiles and submit your applications. Get real-time update on your application status.

Resume building

Leverage Aladdin's profile building feature and create an impressive resume automatically that will make an impact on your career.

Meaningful Insights

Not converting your placement chances? Look into Aladdin's meaningful insights and take actions to achieve your goal.

Knowledge sharing

Get access to Emertxe's knowledge sharing ecosystem - Resource library, Blogs and Industry news. All at one place.

Get support

Got a question? Raise a support request and get support from our mentors and placement team. We are here to support you as always.

Cool look and Feel

Careers are built when right technology skill-building, mentoring and career feedback come under a single place. Aladdin is a mirror which will reflect where you stand and what you can do in order to achieve your goal of landing in placements. Have a look into some of the cool features and gain maximum benefit for your career.


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